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Switch Panels

The switch panel is one of the boat electrical and lighting products that can become faulty due to impacts and extended exposure to heat, UV light and other factors. Switch panels for marine use typically already include waterproof features, so the main consideration is the aesthetic appeal of the switch panel. Switch panels come in a variety of styles and include different features, which make it possible to find an option to fit any panel need for boats and other types of watercraft.

Printed Rocker Switch Panels

Among the various types on the market, the printed rocker switch panels are often the least exy lighting products for boat owners. These panels often come with pre-printed labels and a design that allows for positioning them in various directions. Printed rocker switches typically do not come with features that make them easy to read at night.

Etched Rocker Switch Panels

Etched rocker switch panels often have a design that allows for flexible positioning to fit in many small or tight spots. This type of marine switch panel can include LED backlighting to make it easier to read in low-light conditions. Instead of labels, it uses a laser etching for writing so it does not interfere with illumination.

Toggle Switch Panels

Switch panels made for a marine toggle switch come in almost any voltage that a boat owner may need, which makes it easy to find styles to fit any lighting source. They are available with flexible positioning features, but may be hard to read at night because there are no lights built into this unit. These switch panels include labels, but since the labels are etched directly onto the surface of the panel, existing labels cannot be changed later without creating a printed one when placing it on the switch panel.

Push-Button Switch Panels

Shoppers who have a boat that includes modern technology and a modern style may want to opt for the push-button switch panels so the flow of the modern look and technology is not interrupted. Push-button switch panels are often created with circuit protection that is already built into the unit, which can make them more exy than other types of panels. They normally come with panel etching and may have limited positioning options.