Swivel Chairs

Swivel Chairs

Beyond the fact that the first swivel chair was created by Thomas Jefferson, swivel chairs are ripper because they can turn in a full circle in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The comfort and features of swivel chairs have grown by leaps and bounds since their debut, and they are some of the most common types of chairs found in homes and offices.

Swivel Chair Styles

From Australian antique chairs to modern recliner chairs, there are an abundant array of swivel chair styles on the market, which makes it easy to find the right choice for any room in the home. There are swivel chairs available to dress up a room for the holidays as well as those that bring the beauty of the tropics into the home. Swivel chairs can also be ergonomic solutions for home office and study furniture.

Swivel Chair Materials

One of the aspects that make the swivel chair so appealing to consumers is the wide array of material choices available. The frame and the base of the swivel chair can be constructed from a variety of materials, like bamboo, chrome, wicker and teak, that make them easy to match to existing decor. There are also swivel chairs made from a combination of materials, such as wood, fabric, metal and glass, for those who want one with a decorative theme.

Swivel Chair Upholstery Fabric Choices

When it comes to swivel chair upholstery fabric choices, there are many options for consumers to consider. Shoppers may want to look for swivel kitchen chairs in upholstery choices like vinyl or faux leather, which are easy to clean with a damp cloth. There are also velvet and silk fabrics that can create an elegant look in any room of the home. Other fabric choices include canvas, cotton blends and polyester among other versatile options.

Swivel Chair Features

The features available for swivel chairs go beyond just having a swivel mechanism and rolling wheels. Shoppers who are looking for outdoor swivel chairs can find options with coatings to protect them from rust and moisture. There are also many swivel chairs with reclining capabilities, adjustable seat height, tilt control, massage and an array of other comfortable features.