Swivel Seat

Swivel Boat Seats

When it comes time to upgrade the seats in a boat, many consumers choose to replace stationary boat seats with swivel seats instead. Swivel seats come in many different styles, materials and patterns to fit nearly any boat on the market.

Swivel Boat Seat Placement

Before beginning any boat seating overhaul project, it is a good idea to make sure that the swivel seats line up with the hole patterns of the existing seat models. A large number of fishing boats have swivel seats with standard patterns, which makes installing new seats easier. When changing out the existing seats, take care to keep the hardware for the replacement seat installation since many seats are not sold with replacement hardware.

Swivel Boat Seat Materials

Swivel boat seats generally have metal frames and bases that have been treated with water-resistant coatings so that they do not rust. When choosing seats, some models may come with a boat seat pedestal, while other swivel seats do not come with this part, so take extra care to double check the parts list if a new pedestal is a requirement.

Swivel Boat Seat Upholstery

Most swivel seats are made for marine use and should come with waterproof backings and cushions. A large number of swivel boat seats use leather, vinyl and plastic as upholstery materials. It is a good idea to understand the benefits that certain seat upholstery options offer, as some brands can also utilise fabrics and coverings that provide UV protection and other all-weather treatments to prevent fading and cracking.

Swivel Boat Seat Accessories

A great deal of consumers want to make sure that they protect their investment by adding accessories, like marine-grade covers or cushions, to their swivel seats. These accessories help to make hard seats more comfortable, while they also add a layer of protection to the surface of the seat. There are also many fabric cleaners and moisturising treatments available that can help extend the life of the swivel seat.