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Got one to sell?

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Secrets of how you can get glossy, thick hair with synthetic hair extensions

Have you always wanted long, thick, bouncy hair, but your hair doesn't seem to grow?

Your problems are solved with these hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are available in a variety of colours, you can find hair extensions which can match your existing hair colour, allowing you to achieve styles and looks that you otherwise haven't been able to.

What are synthetic hair extensions made from?

Synthetic hair extensions are made from fine plastic fibres, manufactured to look like human form, achieving the look by heating up acrylic and hanging it up in order to resemble individual hair fibres. They are then glued or woven onto different attachments awaiting to be attached to your hair.

Why should I get hair extensions?

Hair extensions can give length, thickness, volume and even a different colour without the need for dying your natural hair, they allow you to try out new hair styles, such as a thick voluminous pony tail! They are great to use for special events such as a wedding or birthday party, really allowing you to get creative with your hair, without causing damage to your natural hair.

How do I attach hair extensions?

You can attach hair extensions using different attachment methods, dependent upon how your hair extensions are sold. There are options for a 'clip in' attachment, which allows you to use the hair extension clips whenever you require them, whether it's daily or intermittently. 'Hair wraps' act as a pony tail extension, adding length and thickness, a similar method of attachment is with 'the drawstring' which ties itself snuggly around your pony tail band, instantly giving you that extra length or thickness. There are various other ways of attaching synthetic hair extensions, such as through a headband, with a comb or using a weft, it is dependent upon your personal preference and how long you desire to keep your hair extensions in for.

What other hair extensions are there?

An alternative to synthetic hair extensions, are hair extensions which are made from human hair which can be dyed and cut to blend in more discretely with your natural colour. You can treat these hair extensions very similarly to how you would your own hair, whether that is through washing your extensions, straightening them or treating them with products to make them 'shiny' and appear more 'fresh'. Wearing hair extensions could help you to feel more glamorous, on eBay there are a wide selection of products designed to allow you to give yourself some 'self love', with a range of health and beauty products.

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