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TASCAM Pro-Audio Equipment

TASCAM, the professional audio division of TEAC Corp. has headquarters in California. The company is the inventor of the first cassette-based multi-track home studio recorder (Portastudio). The company is also famous for being the first to sell a low-cost mass-produced multitrack recorder with Simul-Sync. It was a product that greatly appealed to recording musicians. To date, TASCAM is a popular brand of pro-audio equipment that is cost-effective yet highly functional, durable, and excellent in quality. The company sells TASCAM pro-audio mixers and TASCAM pro-audio multi track recorders and more.

What TASCAM Pro-Audio Equipment Can You Buy?

TASCAM sells a number of equipment that benefits both novice and highly professional musicians and recording artists. Some are:

  1. TASCAM TM-60 Microphone. This is a condenser type of microphone. It uses battery power. Condensers give high-precision sound when you record in a home environment. This model does not need phantom power supply making it ideal as a mobile microphone. You can connect this to the iPad or note PC for recording purposes.
  2. TASCAM VL-S3BT Monitor. This compact equipment gives great sounds and studio monitoring at a highly affordable price. It has 2-way powered monitors, inclusive of a 3-inch woofer. Connection to RCA inputs is a feature. Connection to a 1/8 inch stereo mini-jack allows playing through mobile phones and MP3 players. This is easy to place because of its compact size of 4.5 inches by 6.7 inches. The Bluetooth receiver allows wireless playback from tablets and other devices.
  3. TASCAM CD-200. This model actually improves upon the best-selling features of CD-160. The loading drawer is smoother and has low clamping noise. The internal clock is optimised for smoother sound. It supports MP3 and WAV playback. The remote control is wireless.

How Do You Care for Your Pro-Audio Equipment?

As you've invested money into the purchase of a TASCAM pro-audio equipment, you must invest time and effort into care and maintenance. Here are some tips:

  1. Care for cables. Lay them on areas where you won't step on them or get them wet. Remember not to wrap them too tightly.
  2. Keep from dirt and dust. Store them in dust-free environments. Place them in areas far from flying debris.
  3. Consult a professional. Sensitive equipment problems normally require the services of an experienced technician. Consult professionals and let them be the ones to work the insides of your equipment.

How Do You Save Money on Your TASCAM Pro-Audio Equipment Purchase?

TASCAM products are affordable to begin with. Buying used units will save you more money, but remember to inspect the exterior conditions as well as the performance conditions of any equipment before proceeding with the purchase. Make sure that the hardware hasn't suffered any tampering.

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