Treat your skin the way it deserves and shop for Tatcha skincare on eBay

Truly looking after your skin is something you'd never regret. Make the effort and invest in a few key products, to give your skin the best possible opportunities to age well and stay young. Tatcha is a Japanese skincare brand that takes inspiration from centuries-old skincare routines of geisha. The founder, Victoria Tsai, still works with geisha and Japanese scientists to formulate the products, which prioritize calming ingredients like camellia oil, green tea, and silk extracts.

The foundation of the products is Hadasei-3, a trinity of anti-aging superfoods born from the Japanese diet, and the basis for the original geisha beauty rituals: green tea, rice and algae. Every ingredient is carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness. In 2017, Tatcha celebrated the funding of one million days of school, helping to nurture the beautiful minds of incredible girls in Asia and Africa. So when you choose to look after your skin with Tatcha, you are also doing something for these young girls. 

Make your skin glow today with the right skincare products

Treating your skin the way it deserves can be a challenge with a busy life and all the challenges we put ourselves through daily. Inner and outer stresses like diet, weather, sunshine and lifestyle choices all have effects on our skin and we, therefore, need to look after it. Avoiding impurities in your skin, clogged pores, dry skin and wrinkles keeping the glow and shine in the colour, repair damaged and dry hair - it can all be done with the right skincare products. Anti-aging products used together with cleansers and Moisturisers, will give your skin the boost it truly needs.

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