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TFT-LCD Car Rear View Monitors, Cameras and Kits

When reversing your car or truck, seeing what is directly behind can often be a guessing game. The installation of a rear view monitor and camera takes away the guesswork and keeps kids, pets, garage doors and fence posts safe. TFT-LCD (Thin-Film-Transistor Liquid-Crystal Display) screens are high accuracy, low power screens that can be safely fitted and used on your dashboard. When linked to a small camera mounted on the rear of your vehicle, you can safely and easily view the area directly behind you as you drive.

Rear View Camera and Monitor Functionality

Different models of rear view camera have different functions. Night vision enabled cameras include an infrared mode that gives a clear view even in the darkest conditions, without the need for a light. Wireless cameras do not need to be connected to their monitor with cables, bypassing awkward installation, and in the case of larger vehicles, allow for distant placement, such as on the rear of a caravan. Built-in microphones in some models allow communication between the driver and anyone standing behind the vehicle. More advanced models can be integrated into GPS units, allowing both GPS navigation and viewing of the rear camera. Most models are waterproof and some models allow a record function, storing video for a set period of time, so in the case of an accident, recorded evidence is available. Screen size varies, but the most common sizes are 5-inch and 7-inch.

Location and Installation of Rear View Camera and Monitors

The location of the camera and monitor are variable. Some models are designed so that the camera is mounted on the license plate, and come with attachments to aid in that. Most have mounting plates and can be bolted on, and some sit inside you car against the back windscreen. Monitors can be dash-mounted, attached by suction-cap to the windscreen or even in some cases replace your existing rear-view mirror. In the latter case, some are simply screens that show the rear view camera view, whereas others can switch from mirror to screen as needed.

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