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The TOMS brand was established in 2006 with an idea to create stylish shoes and match every pair purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. Since that time, TOMS has given more than an incredible 60 million pairs of shoes to children in need, throughout 70 countries in the world. Aside from their footwear range, they also operate similar programs to help with eyewear and optical health, clean water, safer birth services and education in developing nations throughout the world.

There’s little doubt that purchasing a TOMS item is going to have an impact further on down the line, making the world a better place. But what about the shoes? Well, in short – they’re great! As you would expect from such an ethical company, the TOMS footwear range are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials and they even have a supplier code of conduct, ensuring all their products are sourced and manufactured in conditions which match their own ethics.

Best of all, while you’re shopping for TOMS and helping make the world a better place, you’re also getting a great range of footwear comprising of several different styles for every occasion imaginable!

Vegan footwear with a conscience

TOMS create a huge range of vegan footwear, which is something not seen too often in the modern marketplace. So, for those of you living a vegan lifestyle with your food, you can also extend it to your footwear. Wearing footwear that causes no impact on animals is obviously a great thing, especially if you’re doing your best to live vegan.

TOMS vegan shoes come in many different styles, with so many options in the canvas slip-on range. With plenty of funky designs to match your individual personality, you’ll find something you love right here. There’s also vegan sneakers, alpargata styles and espadrilles. The variation in colours, patterns, shapes and sizes is so diverse, just like the world TOMS are helping every single day.

Casual canvas shoes for everyone

If you’re not sure what alpargatas and espadrilles are, you will after browsing the TOMS footwear range. Essentially, they’re a casual, slip on canvas style of shoe. And they’re super funky! They’re built for comfort and are obviously an eco-friendly option. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the TOMS women’s footwear range.

There’s so many canvas slip-on style shoes to choose from, particularly in the variety of colours and patterns available. Many of them feature TOMS signature Ortholite technology for added comfort, and these shoes really fly in the face of any assumptions that ethically sourced and created shoes can’t be high quality.

With so many funky patterns, style and shapes, everybody can find something they will love in the TOMS canvas shoe range, and you can even search for full vegan options too.

Boots and heels

While it isn’t a major part of the TOMS range, you’ll also find some boots available, both in closed and open toed options. If you love suede boots with functional wide heels, look no further than the TOMS range. The suede used is ethical and high quality, and the designs of the shoes look really great.

In both boots and heels, you’ll find some completely suede options and also some perforated styles – nice and airy for those hot summer days! If you’re looking for something a little more formal for those summer occasions, there’s even cut-out sandal designs with a heel, meaning you can wear them with your best dresses for any occasion. TOMS prove once again that looking great doesn’t need to have a big impact on the environment!

Sandals for summer

Every woman loves to have a functional and fashionable pair of sandals in their collection. We love the outdoors, we love fun in the summer sun, and most of all we love being comfortable while living life to the fullest. Now, it’s easier than ever to look great and feel great with the TOMS range of sandals.

From the casual flat slip-on sandals with a super comfortable sole, through to flat canvas and suede options, there’s no comfort sacrificed when you choose TOMS. If you prefer getting a bit of a lift from your sandals, there’s even some with a slightly raised heel both with and without ankle straps. We’re certain that you can find the perfect pair of sandals to suit any occasion and any outfit combination, so start shopping today!

Women’s sneakers with a difference

Who says you can’t get ethically made sneakers that fit well, look great and provide you the support you need to get through your daily life? Definitely not TOMS – in fact, they’re proving exactly the opposite. From simple yet funky canvas sneakers to boardwalk platform sneakers, there’s a great range to choose from.

It’s easy to think that when a company has such ethical standards, they can’t possibly match it with the big corporate brands when it comes to comfort and functionality, but TOMS are proving that’s not the case. These purpose-built, durable sneakers are made with comfort in mind, and did we mention they look amazing?

There’s so many cool prints and designs, not to mention the merging of fabrics like denim, canvas and suede to create a truly unique look that even the most fashion-conscious woman would be proud to wear. You’ve also got the option of choosing from a massive range of full vegan sneakers that are just as amazing as the rest of the TOMS collection.

Stand for tomorrow

Whether you’re looking for sneakers, sandals, boots and heels or fashionable canvas casual shoes, when you buy TOMS you’re supporting something much more than just your feet. Everything TOMS does has a focus on making the world better for those in need. Whether it’s partnering only with suppliers and manufacturers who operate with decent working standards and conditions for employees, or setting up their own manufacturing operations in developing nations like Kenya to help stimulate the economy, TOMS is always thinking of the world around us.

From the Gift of Shoes, the Gift of Sight and the Gift of Water programs they offer, to the 90+ ‘giving’ partners they work with in over 70 countries worldwide, you know that you’re purchasing from a sincerely humanitarian company with TOMS. The company was built on an ethos of One for One – one shoe sale means giving one pair of shoes to a child in need. Each pair of sunglasses sold contributes to the eye health of those in developing nations.

If you want to look great, feel great, and know that you’re wearing shoes from a caring, giving company - there’s no better option than TOMS.