The trademark for a screw head that has a star-shaped pattern with six points, Torx was initially developed for increased tamper resistance in products like brakes, hard disks, computer systems and other consumer electronics. But as screwdrivers for this standard became widely available, tamper-resistant variants have been developed to maintain its reliability.

Torx Screwdrivers

Computer hard drives use Torx screws for its internal components. In small electronics, the screw lengths are usually extremely short, but the screw head is of a large diameter, making it easy to centre the driver into the screw. Torx Screwdrivers and sets are great gifts for the DIY electronics repair guy in your life, and they make good additions to your arsenal of small repair tools as well.

Torx Wrenches

Vehicles require fasteners to be torqued very tightly to secure the components. This is why Torx wrenches are commonly with bikes and cars because their L-shaped design, combined with the six-sided Torx standard, allowed for high torque on the smaller bolt heads. Many bicycle disc brakes use Torx screws nowadays because you can obtain a higher torque even in the cramped spaces between these components.

Torx Sockets

Torx sockets are great for use in the automobile industry. Using a Torx socket with a torque wrench allows you to safely drive bolts while reducing the already small chance of stripping the bolt heads. Torx automotive wrench sets like extended Allen keys and T-Handle Torx wrench sets are widely available; it's always a good idea to have a set in your car toolbox in case something under the hood needs repairing.

Torx Bits

When using Torx fasteners in your projects, make sure to get Torx bits that fit with your impact drill. Doing so keeps your efficiency high because these drills are capable of immense torque. Pair this with the high torque that can be applied on the screw heads and you've got a reliable way to keep your project's components fastened tightly together.