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TP-LINK Powerline Networking

TP-Link Powerline Networking

The larger your home, the more difficult it is to ensure you get good Wi-Fi coverage everywhere you want it. While the easiest way to deal with it is to just accept sub-par connectivity, one of the best ways to deal with the issue is by installing TP-Link powerline networking adapters. They around the Wi-Fi range issue and give you the network coverage you need.

The Wi-Fi Problem

The problem with even the best TP-Link wireless routers is that they are limited by the laws of physics. Wi-Fi signals not only lose power the further they go, but also the more walls and other obstacles they have to pass through. In general a 2.4 GHz network has a maximum indoor range of about 45 metres. The newer 5.8 GHz routers suffer even more from obstacles because theres less energy behind each pulse.

The Powerline Alternative

Powerline adapters plug into the mains at power points and use your homes existing wiring so that you dont have to run new cables. While early attempts were relatively slow, later adapters that meet the AV500 specification are significantly faster. One consideration is that just like with Wi-Fi the mains extend beyond your house, so you do need to use security. For most powerline networks, this means a network management key or NMK.

Using TP-Link Powerline Adapters

The easiest way to use powerline adapters is to simply buy a pair and plug them in. Most models do not block your power point, though they do extend outwards so if you have a vertical power point you should consider installing it in the lower plug. In most cases its easiest to install them close together so they pair and then move them where you want them. Many come with two or three Gigabit Ethernet ports so you can just plug your device in.

Other Advantages

One thing you can do with powerline adapters is install TP-Link wireless extenders. Just put the extender in the room with the weakest signal and enjoy the freedom of complete wireless connectivity throughout your home.

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