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TRAX Diecast Vehicles

TRAX has a range of diecast vehicles available in a variety of different scales and models. You can choose your favourite cars to display or collect them all to make an impressive collection of classic cars, trucks and vans from the TRAX brand. Each vehicle can be kept as a collector’s item in the packaging and has official tags so you know you are purchasing a genuine TRAX diecast model vehicle.

Classic Cars

TRAX specialises in creating diecast models of classic cars, matching the original paint of these cars from the good old days. This means that the diecast cars will look as good as the original full size vehicles. Do you have an avid Holden fan in the family? Give the gift of a classic Holden TRAX diecast car from the 1960’s. It could be a real discussion piece for the office or workshop or an added piece of history to a bar or man cave. The classic cars are a great option to purchase as a gift for a car enthusiast. Consider buying a model of someone's first car that they loved and treasured. It's a great way to send them down memory lane and something they can treasure for years to come.

TRAX Scale

TRAX diecast cars come in different scaled sizes. The TRAX cars commonly feature a 1:24 scale, which is approximately 20cm in length and the 1:43 scale model vehicle is approximately 11cm in length. Most of the TRAX diecast cars are available in the 1:43 scale model, allowing them to make classic Australian vehicles at an affordable price for everyone. This means that the high price tags from other diecast models forces the casual collectors to be left out. TRAX also makes other diecast vehicles such as trucks, ambulances and buses in various scaled sizes.