TV AV Transmitters

TV AV Transmitters

Nobody likes finding the perfect place for a TV and then discovering the only cable outlet is half-way across the room in the least practical place you could imagine. Thats where TV AV transmitters come into the picture. With a decent AV Sender you can place your TV where you want it without having to run cables across the room.

How it Works

While there are a number of different models on the market, they all work in exactly the same fashion. Each system consists of two units: a transmitter and a receiver. You connect the transmitter to your set top box and the receiver to your TV. This sets up a wireless link that acts like a virtual HDMI video cable between the two devices. Once the two devices are on, its like they arent even there. Some models even include infrared targets so you can point the remote at the TV and still control the source.

AV Sender Limitations

While all senders do transmit both video and audio, there are limitations as well. You need HDMI senders to ensure a high definition connection, otherwise you are limited to analogue quality and standard definition TV. You also need to be careful about placement. Many models can support up to 30 metres of separation, but that drops to 10 metres or less if there are walls in the way. Also check the frequency: one advantage of a 5.8 GHz AV transmitter is no microwave interference.

Choosing a Unit

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a unit. Some models offer dual inputs so that you can select between two different sources such as your Foxtel box and Blu-ray player. Many also offer USB power so you dont have to run another lead to your already crowded power point. Also, be sure your unit has HDMI; most TVs dont support HD over component AV.

Reasons for Buying an AV Transmitter

One reason for buying an AV transmitter is simply style. Its a lot easier to make a room look good if you dont have to worry about cable placement. Another is safety; you cant trip over a cable that isnt there. Finally, theres the practical advantage of going wireless; if you need to move the TV you dont have to rerun all the cables, just move the receiver.