TV and Audio Cables and Adapters

With so many electronics in our homes, there is also an abundance of cables to connect everything to one another. You need HDMI cables for TV and video, or perhaps TV single wire speaker cables. Making sure you have the right cables and adapters for TV and video will ensure that you can have a great home entertainment system with optimum sound and picture quality. Before buying any new cables, make sure you understand the difference between the different types and work out what is best for your home.

HDMI Cables

You can use an HDMI cable to transfer audio and high definition video through a single cable. These are perfect to connect devices such as DVD players, digital TVs and gaming consoles. Most modern home electronic devices will have an HDMI port and you may also be able to find on your laptop. By connecting your laptop to your digital TV with an HDMI cable, you will be able to play movies and watch them on your big screen or even look through photos and videos from your latest holiday.

Digital Audio Cable

You can create an audio connection between your TV and A/V receiver with a digital audio cable. One wire can pass many channels of sound and is great for surround sound. Digital audio cables replace the previous analogue audio cables that used two separate wires.

RCA Cables

RCA cables are the three-point red, white and yellow plugs that you are most likely familiar with. You use these to connect both sound and picture from DVD, projector or satellite boxes to your TV. RCA cables have been around for many years and you can also use as a speaker cable to connect speakers to your TV.

Optic Fibre Cables

Optic fibre cables are like electrical cables but they contain light carrying optical fibres. They are ideal for long distance transmission so many telecommunications companies use them but you can use to connect TVs, laptops and speaker systems in your home.