TV Optical Audio Cables

Connecting a TV to a gaming console or a Blu-ray system is a necessity for many people these days, when home entertainment has so many facets. With TV optical audio cables, you can get the most out of your movie watching or gaming experience. These cables are often a good choice for older television sets that are not compatible with HDMI technology. When shopping for TV audio cables and adapters, it's essential to buy cables compatible with the audio demands of your system.


Most TV optical audio consoles have standard connections, so it should not be difficult to determine which one would work for your devices. Most TV sets and other electronic products you may want to connect to your display come with diagrams and details about what kind of TV audio cables you need. If you don't find the exact cables, you can use a TV audio coupler or an adapter instead. To connect multiple devices with the same cable, you may want to use a TV splitter cable.


The length of the digital audio cable is a key consideration to ensure you can connect your devices easily without having to move them around. To get the right cable length, measure the distance between the two devices you intend to connect along the path you plan to place the cable. TV optical audio cables come in various lengths varying from 1 to over 10 metres.


Optical cables consist of fibre optics that transfer light instead of an electrical signal, like older coaxial cables did. As such, optical cables are less prone to electrical interference, and they are also easier to connect and use. Some models feature gold-plated ends for extra durability or mesh metal and nylon jackets for extra flexibility.