TV Shows on DVD

Having TV shows on DVD allows you to rewatch old favourites from your younger days, discover new series you may enjoy, and finish watching shows you may have forgotten about. With no costs per month to stream, you can watch everything from the latest Sci-Fi TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray to your children’s favourite cartoons that they can watch over and over.

Dramatic Selections

Having a lot of TV shows and DVD movies in your library ensures you’ll always have something to watch on a rainy day - even if the satellite isn’t working. Look for many of your favourite dramatic selections, from notable crime investigations TV shows on DVD to top hits like “The Originals.” Also search for older favourites that could use a rewatch, such as the chilling, but charming “Dexter,” or the funny and ferocious TV crime drama “Castle.”

Comedy Choices

Everyone needs a good bit of cheering up once in awhile, and great comedy Blu-ray movies and TV shows have the ability to do just that. Look for one season or multiple seasons of shows you’ve grown to love, such as “Futurama,” “Home Improvement,” and “Happy Days.” You can also enjoy more recent comedies, such as “Love Child” or “The Family Law,” to watch at your leisure.

Shows for Kids

Sometimes you absolutely need a break while the kids watch their favourite shows. Having their TV shows on DVD means never having to search through the channels to find your little one’s favourite cartoon. Find familiar selections like “The Rugrats,” or find shows for younger children such as “The Magic School Bus.”


Having DVDs on hand means you can always watch what you want whenever you want. Adding TV shows to your home library allows you to watch your family’s favourites again and again. Also, DVDs are easy to carry and extremely portable, allowing you to take them on trains, planes, and family road trips.