TV Stands & Mounts

TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

TV wall mounts are a type of metal bracket that allow you to easily secure a TV anywhere you would like in a room. It is relatively simple in design and attached to your TV with a few bolts. These TV brackets became popular when flat screen TV’s hit the market. Many people want to have a seamless, clean look and to have their TV look as if it’s a picture frame hanging on a wall. With the use of a TV mount, you can hang your TV in places you generally wouldn’t think would be possible.

Type of TV Wall Mounts

There are a few different types of TV wall mounts to know about, so you can determine which one would work for you. The first type of wall mount is the low-profile mount. These are the cheapest and easiest to install. However, one drawback to this type of TV wall bracket is it’s movability. It cannot move up or down or left to right, thus making it difficult if you need to switch out or change cables. Titling TV mounts are a little more expensive than your standard low-profile, however they allow you to change the viewing angle when needed through a pivot in the middle of the bracket. The installation is just as easy as the low-profile mount, but is beneficial because it allows you to easily change out cables. Full-motion mounts are the most expensive, as well as the hardest to install as they have multiple moving parts, including an arm that controls the motion. A full-motion mount allows you to not only change the angle at which you’re viewing the TV, but also the direction the TV is facing. As you move around the room, the TV can move with you. A ceiling mount is as it sounds - it is mounted to the ceiling instead of the wall. Because of this, the TV can still rotate and tilt, however installation is the toughest because of its location. This is a great option when living in a small space.

TV Wall Mount Accessories

Because TV wall brackets and mounts are relatively simple in design, there isn’t much that is needed besides the bracket. Other than the right length of cable to connect your TV to your cable box and other TV/stereo equipment, you would need minimal tools for installation. If you want a cleaner look, a cord hider, which is inexpensive in cost, would be a good idea to purchase. These wrap around the cord to conceal them. In addition, you’ll need a stud finder, drill and drill bit that is the right size for your screws as well as a screw bit for installation. Other than these minimal tools, you should be set for an easy and quick mount installation.