Ramp Up your Entertainment Options with a TV DVD Player

TVs with built-in DVD players make the ideal TVs for bedrooms or smaller spaces, such as the kitchen or a caravan. They offer you a wide range of entertainment options without having to create room to store separate devices and deal with extra cables. Whatever your budget, you will find a TV with a built-in DVD player to suit you on eBay.

Is it worth buying a TV DVD player that has Smart technology?

Smart technology can really increase your entertainment options and the benefits of choosing a TV with smart technology include:

  • On Demand Services - The ability to stream programmes from all major on-demand services straight through your TV means that you never have to miss anything.
  • Stream subscription-based packages - Streaming from subscription services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime directly through your TV really opens up your entertainment options.
  • Internet access - Smart technology allows you to access the internet through your TV, meaning you will have less need for other devices.
  • Access to media - The ability to access your home network means that you can play your music library through your TV.

What's the best size screen for a TV DVD player?

TVs with built-in DVD players are sold in a range of screen sizes. One of the benefits of choosing a TV with a DVD player is that they are more portable and work in smaller spaces, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go for a small screen. A larger screen still offers flexibility, so take a look at the space that you have for the TV and assess what size would work best. Generally, screens below 20 inches work well as personal TVs or as a TV for a smaller space, whereas larger TVs are ideal in family situations and public spaces.

What should you consider when buying a used TV DVD player?

If purchasing a used TV, always ask to see plenty of pictures to ensure the TV is in good condition. You could even consider a refurbished model - while they may not be new, they should be in good condition and will be markedly cheaper than buying a brand new model. eBay has a wide range of TVs with built-in DVD players available, priced to suit a variety of budgets.