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TW Steel makes men’s watches. But so do a host of other brands, so what makes this particular brand stand out from the pack? TW Steel is a Dutch brand, and it’s best known for its oversized watch faces and the unusual design features that turn timekeeping tools into fashion statement pieces. But it also puts a lot of emphasis on quality, using Swiss movements and sapphire crystal in the construction of its watches.

Watch vs chronograph

A lot of people find themselves wondering about the difference between watches and chronographs. Well, they’re all watches. But chronographs are a specific category of watches that, in addition to telling you the time, can also be used as a time counter, or a stopwatch. If it has a hand or digital function to time something down to fractions of a second, it counts as a chronograph. Typically, your standard three hand analogue watch doesn’t have this functionality, but most multi-dial analogue watches – like most of the TW Steel range – do.

Chronograph vs chronometer

A lot of watches are chronographs, but not many are chronometers. While a chronograph measures a specific time period, chronometers are watches that meet certain standards in timekeeping for accuracy and reliability. Most chronometers are certified by an organisation like Switzerland’s Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. They’re highly accurate and won’t tend to noticeably gain or lose time.

Red Bull Holden Racing Team

TW Steel is the Official Timekeeping Partner of the Red Bull Holden Racing Team and has produced a collection of watches in honour of this partnership. Keep an eye out for these Red Bull Holden Racing Team chronographs and three hand watches in blue, red and white – they’re sure to be popular with watch enthusiasts and racing merchandise collectors alike.

Sports watches

With a long standing connection to racing, it’s no surprise that TW Steel produce sports watches. These chronographs, with high grade steel cases and leather bands, are ideal for active people on the go. Most models are water resistant up to 10 atmospheres (atm), or about 100m. As you might know, a lot of countries forbid the use of the term ‘water proof’ for watches, instead requiring that brands use ‘water resistant’ and give a depth to which they can be used. Most people will find that 100m is as much as they need; most recreational dives are less than 50m below the surface of the water.

Dress watches

TW Steel’s dress watches combine the timekeeping excellence of its sports watches with striking good looks and luxury materials. Check out its CEO and Grandeur collections in particular for bold timepieces with lasting appeal. You can wear these watches for years or even decades without them looking dated; some designs just have that timeless appeal.

CEO Tech

TW Steel’s CEO Tech collection kicks up the revs a notch. These chronographs marry the outsized assurance of the brand’s usual watches with lavish high quality materials and bold contrasts, making them the perfect statement piece to wear with business or formal attire. Check out the unusual rose gold models. You often only see rose gold on women’s jewellery, but these are no feminine pieces.

Canteen Collection

The Canteen collection was TW Steel's first design, and it has remained its most popular ever since. It's hook-and-crown cap coupled with two steel dots on its leather strap contribute to its iconic look. There are three editions to choose from, so you can keep time how you like. With automatic, three-hand and chronograph options, this is a watch that reads well.

Strap Style

TW Steel watches are often unmistakable due to the two steel closure pins in the straps, coupled with a hook-and-crown capped face, and there are plenty of options when it comes to both the straps and faces. Straps are available in leather, silicone and stainless steel, and with such a wide variety of colours to choose from, you can perfectly coordinate your most stylish ensembles. Watch faces also come in varying diametres, allowing you to match your personality in size with a 48 mm face or keep it low key with a 44 mm face.

Registering your TW Steel watch

TW Steel have a dedicated app on which you can register your details and the serial number of your new watch. This is a great idea because in one step you can check its authenticity and activate its warranty – as well as becoming eligible for special offers and promotions from the brand.

Cleaning your new watch

When a watch sits on your wrist all day, it can collect a surprising amount of sweat and grime. Over time, this can cause bacteria to build up, skin reactions to occur, and your once gleaming watch to lose its shine. It can also degrade leather and gilded watch bands. So regular cleaning is a really good idea. Take off the watch everyday and wipe it down gently with a soft, clean cloth. Some people do this at night; others take off their watch before a shower and take the chance to wipe it down then. 

Once a week, brush it more thoroughly with a damp toothbrush. Use a tiny amount of hand soap if you find some grease or build-up that won’t come off with the brush alone – this helps to dissolve the oils that hold it together. If your watch band is made from leather, avoid dunking it into water to clean it – leather doesn’t cope well with getting wet too often. And don’t dry leather wristbands with a hair dryer or other hot air blower; this can make the leather lose too much moisture and become brittle.

Having your new watch serviced or repaired

If you need the battery replaced in your watch, to have a service done, or if the watch needs repairs, use one of TW Steel’s authorised retailers. They’ll have easy access to any parts required, and they’ll be familiar with the brand and its construction. And best of all, the work won’t void your manufacturer's warranty on the watch.