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Show them off, give them to the kids to pretend with or have them zooming around the track;whatever your preference, TYCO slot cars, and TYCO HO scale model train locomotives and HO model train carriages can help you fill in the holes in your collection or add a fun, new dimension to your favourite setup. eBay is home to thousands of these classic toys, giving you a chance to find a sweet new vehicle today.

Going old school

Looking to take a trip down memory lane? Well hop aboard, cuz TYCO can take you there. With our range of vintage TYCO locomotives, you can track down older, rarer diecast toys that have eluded your grasp, filling holes in your collection and bringing back the good times of your youth.

They'll slot right in

Our range of TYCO slot cars features dozens of great options that can put a new spin on your fleet. From speedy looking sports cars that zip and zoom to utility trucks that really help round out a scene, you won't be short of slot car superstars when you scope eBay's selection.

Looking for a bit more power? We also have an awesome collection of TYCO RC model vehicles and toys for those who have a real need for speed.

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