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Use tablecloths to provide splashy and cheerful decor for a party or event or as part of your kitchen and dining room ensemble. From classic and decorative to protective and useful, there are many choices when it comes to tablecloths, runners, and other decorative items for your table.


Opt for a tablecloth that not only provides decor and added colour, but also protects your table. Depending on the construction of your table, you may want to protect it against spills, scratches, and other accidents. Or, perhaps you have an expensive heirloom and need to protect the finish. A full-length tablecloth provides just the protection you need to keep your table safe.


The right tablecloth adds a proper touch of style to your dining room, helping to make your table the focal point of the room. Use pastels and light colours to welcome the arrival of spring, or classic red and green for Christmas themes. Decorate a harvest table with warm orange, and brown colours or an embroidered tablecloth to help your dining room evolve with the seasons.


Choose from a variety of different tablecloths to meet your needs. A 100-per cent cotton tablecloth is easy to maintain and clean, as you can simply toss it in the washing machine when it’s soiled. This may be an important point if you have young children or pets. A simple table runner may just the decoration you need for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or other holidays.

Party Options

Turn your dining room into party central with a fun and bright tablecloth for a child or adult birthday party. Choose a durable PVC tablecloth, ensuring your table is fully protected during an event. Select from themes such as cartoon characters, solid colours, or check patterns to provide ample decoration for your party or event.