Table saws for any project

There are a huge number of advantages to using table saws over traditional hand saws. Designed for heavier duty work such as log cutting and furniture making, the best thing about table saws is the speed and accuracy with which they cut. Not only do they offer completely straight cuts like a hot knife through butter, they're very portable too so you can move them around easily between workspaces. 

DEWALT table saws

DEWALT table saws come in a variety of different sizes and outputs but for something modern and high powered, it's worth considering the DeWALT DW745 230v. Incorporating a phenomenally powerful 1850w motor, it's ideal for a huge range of timber cutting jobs. 

As it weighs only 22kg, it's seriously light and easy to move around compared to other types. Its steel roll cage acts as protection from accidental dropping or damage and the rack and pinion fence system (both front and back) offers the ultimate accuracy and ease of use. Additional overloading protection also gives a seamless performance when cutting wet, frozen or hardwood too. 

Bosch table saws

If Bosch is the brand for you, then you'll find the Bosch GTS10J 240v perfect for professional use. With its fantastically powerful 1800w motor, this Bosch table saw offers cutting capacities up to 460mm to the right and 210mm to the left of the saw blade. It also boasts an 'A' rated noise level so is good for longer use. Plus it has current and overload protection for complete safety and security. 

Makita table saws

If you're looking to cut particularly large sheets of wood, a good option is a MAKITA 2704X/2 240V table saw with a stand. The larger sized aluminium table top offers optimum cutting accuracy and the durable 1650W motor is perfect for cutting all types of hard and soft timber. The right sub table offers a rip cutting capacity of 4x8 and at 30kg it's extremely sturdy.