Everything that you need to know about Table Tennis Balls

What is the sport of Table Tennis?

Table Tennis is otherwise known as Ping Pong, the way that it is played is between two to four players who hit a 'Ping Pong Ball' / 'Table Tennis Ball' back and forth to each other across a table, it is like a miniature version of tennis, utilising small paddle bats instead of racquets.

What is the history of Table Tennis Balls?

The game began in the 1880's in England, in 1902 it made it's way to Japan, the first world championships were in 1927, today the sport is bigger than ever before, with millions of people playing at work, school and community parks in China. What are the different types of Table Tennis Balls?

What Type of Table Tennis Balls are there?

On eBay you can find an assortment of brands of Table Tennis Balls, whether from Double Fish, STIGA, Butterfly or Unbranded balls. Table tennis balls are made from celluloid, the same material which photographic film is made from, creating two halves, joined together with an alcohol based adhesive, they are filled with air and weigh approximately 2.7 grams. The selection of balls available come in a variety of size packs, whether you need 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 150 pieces, available in a range of level of stars which display the quality of the ball, level 3 being used by international champions of Table Tennis!

What other Table Tennis Equipment is there?

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