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Table Tennis Equipment

Table tennis, also called ping pong, is a fun way to pass the time. This indoor game uses the general idea of traditional tennis but on a much smaller scale. Perfect for a game room or basement, table tennis equipment features everything you need to get a game going and while away the hours while getting some exercise and enjoying camaraderie. Whether you're aiming to play professionally or you just enjoy blowing off steam, table tennis is easy to learn and fun for all ages.


The centrepiece of playing the sport, table tennis tables have a solid, sturdy surface and a net in the middle. Select a folding style for easy setup and storage, and pick a table on casters to make moving it a breeze. Tables with a locking system stay in place during the most intense matches while the ability to adjust the table's height makes it perfect for players of all sizes. Choose specific tables for outdoor use that may include waterproof parts, and pick tables made of durable materials, such as steel, so your table stands the test of time.


You can't play a game of table tennis without table tennis bats. These paddle allow you to hit the ball to your opponent and keep the game going. Lightweight and easy to grip, table tennis bats feature solid construction for high-performance play. Crafted with materials like wood and carbon fibre, bats absorb shock and have a rubber exterior for ball management and control. Good bats offer just the right amount of friction between bat and ball, creating a perfect swing every time. Wide handles are easy to grip, and experts recommend using long-handled bats for the best results.


Now that you've got a table and bats, you just need balls. Table tennis balls aren't like any other balls, such as golf balls. They have a style all their own. Purchase standard 40mm balls for a fair game, and opt for smooth, lightweight designs that offer plenty of bounce. Balls come in different colours, including yellow or white, and a variety of brands manufacture regulation-sized balls, including Stiga, Halex and Sunflex. Buy balls in bulk for the most affordable option, and always have equipment on hand to get a game together.

Accessories and Extras

Accessories enhance your playing experience and help you protect your equipment. Slip covers over your bats when you're not using them to keep them safe from damage, and store balls in containers with a lid to alleviate lost equipment. If you're practising ping pong solo, use a ball robot to toss balls out for you. If you keep your table in the garage or family room, place a secure cover over it to keep dust and debris from the surface. For outside storage, select a weather-resistant cover. Ball cleaner keeps balls fresh and clean, and a portable ping pong net lets you set up shop for practise anywhere.