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Portable and Folding Tables

Folding tables that are lightweight, compact and portable can have a lot of uses. Camping is, of course, an obvious one. No one really wants to carry the kitchen sink on a camping trip, but take a fold up camping table the right size for your needs and you will find it useful for many things. Folding tables are also great for anyone peddling their wares at farmers or craft markets, or needing to display goods for school galas and fundraisers. At home, use them as a spare table if you have unexpected guests, for an outdoor barbecue, in a kids playroom, or as a hobby or garage table.

Choosing Your Table Type

When you are choosing your table, think about where you will be using it, how you will transport it there, and what you will be using it for. If you are camping in a smaller dome style tent and tramping to a campsite, a small compact table to tuck away may be best. If you have a roomier partitioned tent, or a caravan with an awning you may opt for a bigger table easy to transport, but that stay fully assembled all day. Think about what you will be using your table for, what you may keep on top, or beneath, and how many people you will need to seat.

Fold Up and Rollup Tables

Folding tables usually have hinged legs that fold up underneath the table base. Some also fold in half to reduce their length further while they are in storage or you are in transit. They are easy to assemble and have multiple uses. Rollup tables also have folding legs, but their tabletops have slats so they roll into a tube shape and fit in a carry bag when not in use. Rollup tables are quick to put up, and usually, aluminium so very light to carry.

Table Materials

Folding tables are usually made of a mix of lightweight and durable materials. This makes them easy to transport, but sturdy enough to withstand outside and camping uses. aluminium outdoor tables also combine with a plastic resin, bamboo or wooden tops to give you a firm surface to work on. Aluminium or polyester/poly mesh fabric tabletops will give you the ultimate lightweight and compact option to set off. For those who do want a kitchen sink, you will find camping option with one built in!

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