First impressions are lasting, so one of the initial things you want your guests to see as they enter your home is a well-placed entryway table or hall table. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are convenient and practical.

Whether your hallway is long and wide or something simpler that provides entry to other rooms in your home, an entryway table is decorative, won't take up much space, and offers a solution for items in transit.

Types of hall tables

There is a large selection of hall tables to suit any taste or budget. Whether you are going for a rustic vibe or something modern, it's important to ensure your hall table reflects your personality and the décor of your home.

Hall tables can be round or square, rectangle or any shape in between. Many have drawers as an optional storage, and some come with seats or stools for you to sit on while you take off your shoes after a long day at work.

Entryway tables also come in a range of popular styles, such as solid wood, marble, glass, metal and antique. A black table will make a modern glam impact, while a white antique hall table provides a mid-century romantic feel.

What to put on your entryway table

An entryway table doesn't have to be plain – there are many ways to decorate this unique and practical piece of furniture in your home. Many entryway tables that sit up against a wall feature a large, bold mirror. You can also place a lamp on your table that matches the overall style, or you can put a small pot plant to give the space an extra bit of freshness. Don't forget to place a small basket or platter so that you can leave your keys, mail, sunglasses and other important items in the one spot for easy access later.

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