Shine an Ereader Light on Your Words

If you've ever tried reading from a glowing screen in the dark, you probably quickly found that it had its issues. A simple solution is to use a reading light that you can clip to your ebook reader or tablet. This illuminates the text you want to see, without shining unnecessary light into your eyes to cause fatigue or retinal after-images. They've come quite a long way over the last couple of decades, and today's reading lights on eBay offer better, lighter options to make night reading easier, discreet, and simple.

Universal clip-ons for versatility

If you find that you switch between multiple devices and paper books for your night-time reading, you might find that a universal reading light is your best option. These usually consist of a clip with a bendable neck and a light at its head, so that you can point the light as you prefer. Typically these are less stable than lights designed for specific devices, but the wide compatibility makes up for that lack. As a tablet and ebook reader light, they work quite well when the screen brightness is turned right down.

LED plate for an ereader reading light

These transparent plates can be laid on a page or device, and LEDs in the base diffuse light through the glass, illuminating the text underneath. These are most suited to situations where your book or device is lying flat on a stable surface, but offer a better field of lighting than the clip-ons, right where you need it.

Neck light for personal space

Neck lights are typically long and bendable, with an LED at either end. You sling it around your neck, then adjust the lights to point at what you want to read. These are very directional, so handy for situations like hospital rooms or airplane seats where you won't want to bother people nearby. They're also very versatile – people use them for reading and crafts like knitting, crochet, and sewing.