Tablet & eReader Styluses

Tablet and eBook Styluses

Having touch screens on our tablets and eBooks means we can easily access information, control our settings or play on apps with just the touch of our finger. However, using our finger is not always the best way to utilise a touch screen and that's where stylus pens come in. A stylus pen looks like a regular pen and you can use it to navigate through touch screen tablets and eBooks. A tablet pen doesn't have ink, but reacts with the screen to carry out the actions that you require. They are not only just for tablets and eBooks, but you can also find mobile styluses too.

Can't I Just Use My Finger? Why is a Stylus Better?

A stylus is much better to use than your finger on a screen because:

  • No scratches: Using fingers on your screen can cause scratches from your fingernails or any small particles that are on your skin.
  • Cleaner: Fingers leave finger marks, oil and smudge marks that make your screen look dirty.
  • Finer touch point: A stylus gives better precision due to its smaller size. This is particularly handy when trying to write on a touch screen or for touching small buttons.

What Can I Do With a Stylus?

When you have a tablet, eBook or touchscreen laptop, a stylus pen can be useful for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • Writing: When you need to make notes, you can write with a stylus just like a pen for legible handwriting. Some apps can even turn your handwritten notes into typed notes.
  • Select buttons: Small buttons can be hard to touch accurately with your finger so a touch pen takes away this problem.
  • Drawing: Like you would use a pencil, you can use a tablet pen to draw pictures on drawing and paint apps to get cleaner lines.

What Other Features Does a Stylus Have?

Some styluses come with additional features, and can have many uses. Some models also have screwdriver and level features that are handy for builders, and some can double as an ink pen as well.