Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are pens that double up as weapons for self-defence. Usually made of metal or strong plastics, they are heavy-duty items. As they are designed to withstand high impact, their tapered ends can be used as a glass breaker or a blunt weapon in times of need. They may look innocent but can pack a punch if used with proper technique.

Why Get a Tactical Pen?

Primarily, people buy tactical pens because they are easy to keep in your pocket or bag. Their multipurpose characteristic means that you can lighten your kit by having one item instead of a pen and a self-defence tool separately. The unassuming design helps it pass off as any regular stationery. Some less aggressive looking tactical pens may pass through security checks, meaning that you can have them on your person at all times unlike other self defence weapons, such as pocket knives. Moreover, the blunt ends appeal to anyone who may not want to cause severe injuries to an attacker by using sharp weapons like a knife. Tactical pens are low key but robust protective gear.

Tactical Pen Features

First and foremost, a good tactical pen should write well. After all, this is going to be its main use. Secondly, the grip needs to be comfortable to hold for writing and provide enough friction so that the pen does not fly out your hand on impact when used as a weapon. Some may come with a feature to attach the pen to your bag, belt or pocket. Often, they have unique additional features that differentiate the individual pens. These include a firestarter or DNA catching scoops for identifying your attacker to the police.

Tactical Pen Brands and Price Point

Several brands manufacture tactical pens. Some notable ones are Gerber and Schrade. The price varies, depending on the quality of the pen and the features available. However, you can typically find a tactical pen that suits your budget and can still get the job done.