Tag Guns

Tagging guns save retail workers a lot of time and enable easy labelling of garments and other retail items. Tag guns are available on their own as well as a tagging and labelling gun combination. The tag guns are usually very lightweight, portable and comfortable to hold. The body of the tag guns is made of durable and lightweight plastic therefore if used correctly, they can last a long time.

Tag Guns Bundle Deal

Usually tag guns are available in bundle deals. These bundle deals include tag gun, the needles for the tag guns and pins for tagging. Commonly, each tag gun pack includes 4-6 spare needle packs and 3000-5000 pins. Pins and needles of tag guns are available separately as well; however, it is a good idea to buy them together so that you are sure that each part is compatible and works well together.

Branded and Unbranded Tag Guns

There are a lot of tag guns available in the market including branded and unbranded versions. Some popular brands of tag guns include Timbo, Amram and PAG. Unbranded tag guns function as well as their branded counterparts, as long as they are bought from a reliable retailer.

Tag Guns, Pricing Guns and Accessories

Tag guns are not just used to put brand tags on the back of garments and fabrics. They can also be used to put pricing labels on these items as well. The needles of tag guns are durable; however, it is recommended that you keep 3-5 spare needles handy incase a needle breaks down.

Availability of Tag Guns

Tag Guns are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Usually stores and shops prefer the smaller, handy size for better functionality. Moreover, tag guns are available in a variety of colours. Some retailers match the colour of their tag guns with the colour of uniform of their staff members to create a holistic ambiance inside the store. Tag guns are available in standard colours such as red tag guns, white tag guns, yellow tag guns, blue tag guns, white tag guns and black tag guns.