Tai Chi DVD & Blu-ray Movies

Tai Chi DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Though people consider Tai Chi a martial art, its not the type of sport that looks like karate or includes a lot of fighting. Many people turn to Tai Chi for stress reduction. Used as an accompaniment to meditation, Tai Chi promotes good health and well-being, and the practice also works for self-defence. If you dont have a way to take a Tai Chi class, using Tai Chi DVDs and Blu-rays gives you the benefits of this practice at home.


Looking at the wide range of Tai Chi DVD and Blu-ray movies is somewhat overwhelming, especially if youre new to the discipline. Fortunately, there are many DVDs aimed at beginners that feature the basics of the practice no matter what level youre at. There are also intermediate and expert DVDs, as well as discs that also offer Qigong instruction, which helps you breathe effectively. Opt for Tai Chi geared towards athletes if youre sports-minded, or choose the practice combined with other techniques, including wrestling or discs that offer morning versions of Tai Chi to energise you, as well as nighttime meditations to calm you and relax you.


The basis of Tai Chi is self-defence but thats only a fraction of why people use Tai Chi. You can incorporate Tai Chi into other practices, such as yoga, for a more effective workout, or you can use Tai Chi to warm up before you begin other fitness routines. Use the practice in place of meditation or Pilates, or make Tai Chi the centre of your workout while adding in other elements, such as a high-impact workout regimen. You can use Tai Chi to alleviate pain or to focus on weight loss.


Before you purchase Thai Blu-ray discs there are a few things to consider. If you have a condition, such as arthritis or osteoporosis, consider buying a disc thats geared towards your physical needs. This ensures you get just the right benefits from Tai Chi. There are specific DVDs for seniors that offer low-impact Tai Chi that wont strain your muscles or cause pain. If youre using Tai Chi for back pain, opt for a special session meant for this type of pain. There are also short sessions if you dont have much time to devote to the practice, and if youre looking to improve combat skills, select a DVD that offers those features.


Though Tai Chi itself doesnt require any special equipment, there are some discs that add things in to enhance or add to the workout itself. Some Tai Chi DVDs you may come across include a chair, wooden Tai Chi balls and a sword. You dont actually need anything to reap the benefits of the practice, but it can be fun to add in things in order to create a new workout and change your Tai Chi session up a bit.