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Tait Radio Equipment

While many people think of radio communications as a hobby, for some it is a mission-critical aspect of their business. Tait radio is there for those who don't just want a radio communications system but actually need one. For many people, radio can be a lifeline. It provides the freedom to communicate on the move, and without the need for pre-established infrastructure. This is particularly useful for emergency response personnel who benefit from having their own communications system already in place regardless of the situation. Tait is there when you need more than just commercial UHF two-way radios and walkie-talkies.

What is P25?

Project 25, or P25, is an open communications standard for use by public safety professionals the world over. Most Tait handheld radios operate within the P25 standard in either the Phase 1 or Phase 2 modes. P25 offers a number of advantages for users and organisations:

  • Backwards Compatibility: All P25 radios are designed for full backwards compatibility. While the standard itself is digital, all radios support the earlier analogue FM mode, and Phase 2 radios can drop back to Phase 1 when necessary. It also supports the same operating procedures so the upgrade is painless on a user level.
  • Interoperability: Any Tait two-way radio that supports P25 is interoperable with any other P25 radio.
  • Frequency Efficiency: Not only do P25 radios support the same frequencies as existing systems, they also allow for more efficient use of those frequencies so you can have more channels using the same bandwidth.
  • Digital Support: Digital support means clearer communications within the specified range, and also makes encryption easier to implement.

Types of Radio

Tait offers a wide range of radios for different user needs. In addition to handhelds you can get a Tait receiver base station or Tait UHF radio. Base stations and repeaters let you make sure you have blanket coverage for everyone you need while on site. They help you setup your network on the scene and keep the lines open when you need them. Hand held units keep your people in touch with each other and the base station. You can also

Why Tait?

Choose Tait for safety and security. You need to know your people are safe in any situation. Reliable communication is one step in that direction, but only one step. Tait also brings in critical support through features like GPS and location services so you know where everyone is and can manage the situation effectively. Even hobby users can benefit from the care taken to produce Tait takies and two-way radios. Quality and experience always stand out, and when you need to reach someone that matters more than someone might think. Reliability is peace of mind.