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Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Guitar manufacturer Takamine specialises in producing innovative, high-quality steel string and classical acoustic guitars. They produce a wide range of designs for beginner and professional guitarists alike.


Takamine was founded in 1959 in central Japan. It started off as a little family-run guitar shop, but by the end of the 1960s it had become a leading manufacturer of classical guitars. Later on, they also made great strides in acoustic electric guitar technology, introducing the first ever acoustic guitar with a built-in pre-amp. Today, Takamine makes a wide variety of acoustic guitars as well as smaller ranges of bass guitars and ukuleles.

Takamine Acoustic Guitar Types

Takamine makes both steel string acoustics and nylon string classical guitars. The G Series is their biggest line of acoustic guitars and includes steel string, classical and acoustic electrics. It is also a very wide-ranging line, including entry-level models like the G10 series as well as the premium solid top guitars found in the G90 series. The Pro Series is designed for performing guitarists. Made in Japan from high-quality tonewoods like rosewood and flame maple, they showcase Takamine's most advanced luthiery techniques. Some models also feature Takamine's CTP-3 Cool Tube pre-amp for better amplified tone. Takamine also produces some smaller ranges of acoustic guitar. Their Thermal Top guitars use heat-treated guitar tops to replicate vintage tone, and they also produce limited special edition guitars like 2017's all-black Magome.

Takamine Guitar Construction

Different guitarists prefer different body shapes, and Takamine makes an extensive variety. Big Takamine dreadnought acoustic guitars are very popular and produce a deep, powerful tone while their New Yorker body is a very compact full-size guitar. Takamine classical guitars are equally diverse, ranging from very traditional classical body shapes to their own more modern FCN body. Takamine guitars also have a unique neck shape designed to enhance playability. The slightly offset C shape is thicker on the treble side than the bass side to allow a more comfortable thumb and wrist position.

Takamine Acoustic Electrics

As well as pure acoustic guitars, Takamine also sells acoustic electrics in both steel string and classical styles. Acoustic electric guitars can be played unplugged just like acoustic guitars, but they can also be amplified easily for venue-filling sound. Takamine has made several important innovations for acoustic electric guitars. The CTP-3 Cooltube and Ct4B II onboard pre-amps provide precision tone control from the guitar body without having to touch the amplifier. They also double as chromatic guitar tuners. Takamine also developed the Palathetic piezo-electric pickup, which uses extra-large elements and a casing that attaches directly to the bridge to deliver richer harmonics.

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