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Talulah Dresses

Kelli Wharton, creator of Talulah dresses, carries her philosophy of inspired elegance into each design. You can experience the designer's passion for sophistication in a dress that's your size and style in a material that suits what you like. Plus, there's a fabric and design for every season so you always look classy year long.


As with most women, the dress can be fabulous, but if it's the wrong colour for you, it's out. Black dresses are suitable for nearly every occasion, whether you're at work, dining out, or taking a day off. Your accessories, such as belts and shoes, harmonise flawlessly with multi-coloured dresses. Feelings come and go but are a part of what influences what colour dress you choose. Some days, pastels like pink and ivory make you feel light and airy. When you wake up ready to take on the world, you may reach for bolder-coloured dresses, such as red and orange.


Along with colours, the dress style should appeal to your sense of design. Consider the inventory of Talulah maxi dresses. They are suitable for running errands or dressing up for the evening. They also cover your knees and legs on cold or windy days. Talulah stretch bodycon dresses may or may not have straps and come in a variety of necklines. These tight dresses accentuate your figure, whether it's hourglass, pear, or apple-shaped. Check out other styles, such as pencil dresses, that you literally wiggle into or retro designs reminiscent of the roaring 20s.


For women with hectic schedules, fabrics made from polyester, rayon, and nylon are easy keepers, only requiring laundering. On hot days, 100 percent cotton and cotton blends keep you feeling cooler, while lace and silk fabrics look comfortable and feminine. Those fabrics also require light maintenance.

Season Choices

Winter and autumn Talulah dresses keep you covered to hold in warmth, yet remain stylish. For spring and summer, choose lightweight examples, such as sun dresses and cocktail dresses in sleeveless and strapless designs.

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