You may remember Tamagotchi toys from the 1990's when they were all the rage with children. Now twenty years later, they have made a comeback with a new range of Tamagotchi electronic toy pets on the market. Tamagotchi are electronic handheld pets shaped like an egg with chain attached. You can play with the pet, feed it and discipline it when it is naughty. The pet goes through a lifecycle and can get sick and die if not looked after properly. The electronic pets are a good way for teaching children responsibility and how to look after a pet before getting a real one.

Modern Tamagotchi

Modern Tamagotchi incorporate the basic concept of the original ones with a few added features. New models have infrared communication so that children can link their toys with their friends so their pets can play games and become friends. The new toys teach about love and marriage with an option of pets being able to marry one another and then have babies. Pets can also build a career with the skills they develop, and you can even obtain special characters.

Gotchi Points

Gotchi Points is a new feature that allows you to earn currency when playing games. You can then spend the Gotchi Points in the game shop to buy different items for your pet such as accessories, food and toys.

Modern Design

While the basic shape of Tamagotchi still exists, there are six new colour combinations to choose from so each child can have their favourite. The modern versions feature six of the original Tamagotchi characters.

Vintage Tamagotchi

If you are into collecting vintage toys and electronics, you may be able to find one in the range of Tamagotchi 1980 to 2001 electronic toy pets. You can see how the original Tamagotchi worked and how different they are from the ones on sale today.