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Tamron Lens for Canon Camera

Behind every great shot is a great camera lens. You can have the highest-quality camera in the world, but without the right lens, it won't mean anything. Get a Tamron lens for your Canon camera so you'll be prepared to capture the moment of a lifetime.


The first question you need to answer is whether you need a zoom or prime lens. Prime lenses tend to give sharper images, but cannot zoom. A zoom lens can be bulkier and more expensive, but the convenience of zooming is often worth the price.

Focal Lengths

Depending on what you're shooting, there are different types of focal length lenses you'll need. A wide-angle lens is great for landscape shots, but if you want a close-up when far away, a telephoto lens, such as the Tamron SP AF 17-50 mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD, is ideal.

Specialty Lenses

Specialty lenses are for very specific types of images that may require an unusual perspective. One example is a macro lens, which allow for extreme close-up pictures; for tiny subjects, such as insects or flowers, macro lenses are a must.