Change your tanning routine with tan accelerator tanning lotion from eBay

Tanning accelerators are a type of tanning lotion that works by speeding up the skin’s natural tanning process. Tan accelerators contain ingredients that stimulate skin cells to produce melanin, which works in conjunction with natural sunlight or UV lighting.

The more melanin your skin produces, the darker your tan can become.

Common products

Tanning accelerator comes in many forms, including lotions, creams, oils and sprays.Whichever one you choose will depend largely on your personal preference.

Accelerator lotions are great for people who have pale skin or are new to tanning. They do not tingle and do not contain bronzers.

Other tanning accelerators include bronzers and tingle lotions.

Bronzer lotions are a popular type of tanning acceleration, giving either an immediate or delayed effect.

Tingle lotions work by bringing the blood to the surface of your skin. This boosts the effect of UV rays that hit your body from the sun. They should not be used by people with sensitive skin and it’s not uncommon to have red skin temporarily after application.

Applying tan accelerator

The tan accelerator is normally applied all over the body, both before and after your tanning session, to prepare your skin for the sun and prolong its effects. If the product doesn’t already contain an SPF+ factor, users are urged to apply sunscreen or other forms of protection first to help keep your skin from harmful UV damage.

In general, creams, lotions and sprays are applied liberally to the skin. However, always ensure you follow the directions on the product packaging.

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