Bronze up with tanning bed lamps and bulbs

You love nothing more than seeing a deep, golden glow on your skin. Tanning isn’t just about looking great to you, it’s about feeling great, too. That’s why you committed to your year round tan by investing in a tanning bed. Unfortunately, though, the bulbs don’t last forever and the time has come to find suitable replacements. Don’t get left in the cold, with the great range of tanning bed lamps and bulbs available right here on eBay, you can boost your melanin levels as quick as a flash.

How to select the correct tanning bed lamps and bulbs

The first step is to figure out if you need facial tanning bulbs, as these are different to a regular tanning bulb. If this is something you need to consider, it will typically be the case when the tanning lamp will specifically state it’s for the face. If it’s a regular bed, then it doesn’t require specific face lamps. Consider how many watts you need the globes to be, as well as how many globes you need to fit your sun bed. Even if you only need to replace one globe, it may help to have a couple of spares handy. Also check whether it’s time to replace the starter, which attaches to the globes.

Always check with the manufacturer of your tanning bed or booth to confirm what tanning bed lamps and bulbs best suit your model. You may also want to check out the range of sun protection and tanning supplies to fully complement your tanning experience. Stay sunny side up and keep that tan all year round thanks to the great range of tanning bed lamps and bulbs available right here on eBay today.