A year round glow with tanning beds and booths

If youre addicted to a tanning and refuse to accept spray tans as an effective replacement, then youre in the market for your own tanning bed or booth. Having your own tanning bed or booth in your home is the ultimate indulgence and will give you the control to create exactly the tan youre after. Thanks to the extensive range of vintage swap cards available here on eBay, and the freedom of online shopping, you dont even need to leave home to soak up those tanning rays.

Discover the difference between tanning beds and booths

Most tanning beds and booths are effective at creating a tan on your skin, so ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference. A lay down tanning bed is a wonderful way to take time for yourself, encouraging rest and relaxation while the UV rays from the light bulbs work their magic. However, as pressure points are created between your skin and the bed, these areas may not be fully tanned. You can avoid this by regularly adjusting your position.

In a stand up tanning booth, youll have more room to adjust your position and move around. However, it will also take up more space in your home, and youll miss out of the relaxation benefits of being able to lie down and rest while tanning. So the choice really comes down to preference and how you think youll most enjoy using your bed or booth. Always make sure you have a good supply of replacement tanning bulbs or globes as well as any other parts that your bed may require.

While youre considering the type of tanning bed that fits into your lifestyle, dont hesitate to check out the full range of sun protection and tanning supplies, including the range of sunless tanning products. Whatever the tanning bed or tanning booth to suit your needs, youre sure to light up at all the options available right here on eBay today.