Tanning Disposables

Spray tanning can be messy which is why it is necessary for salons and at home tanners to use disposables to keep the mess to a minimum.

Disposable G-Strings for Tanning Salons

The disposable g-strings for tanning come in a few different materials. There are g-strings available in hypoallergenic soft fabrics and safe plastics as well. There are also white and black options depending on the application, whether it is for hair removal purposes or for salon tanning. You can use yoursunless tanning products with these disposable products to offer a comfortable and professional client experience. The disposable g-strings save time and are a hygienic solution for your salon. They come in large packs so you can get the best value for money, ranging from 20, 50 and even 100 packs for supplying busy salons. The g-strings have an elastic waistband and are environmentally friendly.

Protective Goggles

If you are using a tanning bed you need to protect your eyes from the UV light rays. There are goggles available with UVA and UVB protection to filter the light and shield your eyes while you relax and tan. They come in a few different colours like red, black and white depending on your preference. The design means that you will still obtain an even tan on your face and the large lens will not restrict visibility or comfort.

Fake Tan Mitts

Using liquid tanning products can be sticky and messy but with an applicator mitt you can protect your hands and get a more even application. The tan mitts can be used with tanning products and tanning lotion and will give a streak free finish on the skin. The mitt is made from a spongy material which holds the product for application and there is a waterproof layer to protect your hands from getting too tanned while you apply to you or a client.

Foot Pads for Tanning

In order to protect the clients feet when applying a spray tan and to stop surfaces from becoming stained, you can use the disposable foot pads while spray tanning. They stick to your feet, which means you will not get fax tan on the bottom of your feet and potentially stain surfaces when moving around after the tanning session is complete. They come in large packs of 200 or more so every client can use them.