Tapestry Needlepoint Kits

A design that complements your decor is pleasing to look at and adds some wow factor to a decorating scheme. You may prefer the variety of black tapestry needlepoint kits that match different living spaces and preferences. The colour shows less dirt and comes in various designs, such as cats, boats, and flowers, that encompass black in the background or pattern.

Hand Embroidery Kits

Novice and veteran needlepoint designers can use hand embroidery kits to create works of art to hand down to others as heirlooms. With everything in the kit, you can make chair covers, wall hangings, and pillows. Simply fill in the painted or printed motif image, using a needle and thread.


Many individuals prefer using a favourite brand, such as Anchor, Dimensions, or Vervaco. Each kit includes instructions, one or more needles, and the correct amount of thread to complete the project. Depending on the manufacturer, designs are printed on canvas or fabric. Packages may also include backing board, glass, and acrylic or wool yarns.


An assortment of shades, tints, and hues are available, including multi-coloured tapestry needlepoint kits. Colourful designs may portray animals, seasides, landscapes, or architecture. There are fun examples, such as young children at play or a brilliant peacock displaying its iridescent feathers.

Types of Kits

Sometimes, needlepointers prefer working on a particular format. Examples include bookmarks, cards, and bell pulls. You can make these as gifts for friends and family members or keep them to enjoy. Larger projects include rugs, sheets, and table runners. You could also may stitch stocking and framed picture sets to give away as Christmas presents.