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When it comes to men’sclothing, it’s not just the size or colour that you have to consider when choosing what to buy or wear. An oft overlooked factor is the body type or the shape of the body. Knowing this can help you choose clothes that highlight your assets and invest in pieces that you’ll be able to wear often.


A triangle-shaped body means that your waist and hips are larger vis-à-vis your upper body. When choosing blazers, opt for tailored and patterned types to draw attention away from the midsection. Vertical striped tops will also help elongate the upper body but if you’re not into print, dark colours are always a safe choice. For jackets, choose a style that will give you a structured shoulder line and for pants, avoid skinny fit jeans and go for straight leg styles instead to help create proportion.

Inverted triangle

This means that you have a broad chest and shoulders and a narrow waist. You’ll do well with horizontal striped and slim fit shirts or a slim polo shirt which will highlight your waist and stretch across your upper body. When it comes to pants, the key is slim, not skinny. And if you are going to wear a suit, go for an unstructured silhouette that will not make your upper body look even more bulky.


If you’re tall and thin and your waist and shoulders are the same width, then you have a rectangular frame. Layering is a simple trick to add depth and definition. Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of skinny jeans. And consider a good tailor to help create a custom fit for off the rack suits and jackets that have wider sleeves.

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