Tattoo Inks

When choosing tattoo supplies, like ink, there are a lot of different options available on the market to explore. Tattoo artists have a wide range of formulas, styles and accessories to choose from that can help make a tattoo artist hobby or business thrive. Understanding more about these tattoo supplies helps artists make choices that are right for their artistic preferences and their clientele.

Tattoo Ink Formula Bases

Tattoo inks come in a variety of formula bases that can provide long-lasting colour results. There are a great deal of tattoo inks that use water and alcohol as a base. There are also other tattoo inks that use glycerin, propylene glycol and organic pigment in the formulas. The formula base is the vessel for pigment colours, and not all formulas are the same. Skin reacts to ink formulas differently so many tattoo artists prefer to have inks in a number of formula bases so that there are suitable options for each of their clients.

Tattoo Ink Pigments

Some of the most commonly used pigment choices in tattoo ink include polymer, metal oxide and organic options, like vegetable dyes. There are also a number of tattoo inks that use fluorescent dyes for vibrant colours. Similar to how having the right complete tattoo kits that come with assorted inks, caps, needles, machine guns and everything an artist needs to get started.