Tattoo Practice Skin

Tattoo Practise Skins

Practice makes perfect, and when you are about to put something permanent on someones body, it definitely has to be perfect. Training on a product that feels and reacts like real skin allows you to get a feel for how tattoo needles, grips, and tips interact with the flesh. The use of synthetic material gives it a life-like texture.

Test New Equipment

Tattoo practice skins arent just for beginners. As techniques change and artists start using different types of tattoo inks, its important to test it before using it on a customer. Whats more, its an excellent way to show potential clients how a design will look once it goes on an arm, an ankle, or someplace the owner can wink about later.

Learn the Skills

The best way to get a feel for what its going to be like when you start working on live subjects is to simulate the different surfaces of the body. Different body parts, such as the top of the foot, hand, or neck react differently to the needle. Often, this is a result of how close to the bone a given body part is, how much muscle or fat is under there. This is why anyone whos gotten a tattoo will tell you that the upper arm tattoo hurts a lot less than one on the ankle.

Plain or Pre-Designed

Use transfer paper to put a design on plain practice skin, or go with one that has a pre-designed image on it. Either way, you get the training you need to get you comfortable doing what you do. Of course, if you cant decide which type you want, go with two-sided skins that offer pre-designed images on one side and blank area on the other. Its the best of both worlds.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup needs to be done correctly, or the customer will leave looking like a clown. Get everything you need to learn the techniques you need for eyebrow and lip stencil practice skins. Kits are available that include all the tattoo supplies to get you started.