Tattoo Removal Machines

Whether it was the result of a drunken schoolies bet, a misspelled Chinese character or a relationship you thought would last forever, 1 in 4 Australians with tattoos admit regretting their decision to ink. But with professional laser tattoo remaining pricey, more people are seeking DIY options that they can use in the privacy of their own homes.

DIY Tattoo Removal Pen Machines

A variety of tattoo removal machines are now available that allow inexpensive treatment at home. A popular version, commonly referred to as a freckle pen, uses a type of electric ion acupuncture to remove moles, age spots and tattoos quickly and without causing any bleeding. This is a great option for small tattoos that you want to remove.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machines

For a professional finish on larger tattoos, it may be worth investing in one of the higher priced tattoo removal machines. Solong Tattoo has a range of machines available with assorted applications including laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and vascular treatment, in addition to being able to remove tattoos. The treatment works by zapping black or blue melanin, which then breaks down and is absorbed by the lymphatic system without causing any additional damage to the surrounding skin. This is both safe and effective as a tattoo remover.

Is DIY Tattoo Removal Safe?

There are a lot of options for removal of unwanted tattoos and not all of them are recommended by professionals. Some “tattoo removal kits” recommend dermabrasion, chemical peels and burning are all options that can go horribly wrong leaving you with a lot of damage. Laser tattoo removal, on the other hand, is considered safe, simple and very effective.