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Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Known for its versatile guitars that fit each and every type of musician, Taylor offers a comprehensive line of acoustic guitars with flexible features and options for every guitarist. Whether youre right or left-handed, need a smaller-sized guitar or youre on a budget, Taylor offers a guitar for every need and purpose. Discover your sound with the right Taylor acoustic guitar.

Guitar Sizes

Since not everyone is built the same, its important to choose a guitar that complements your body type so that youre comfortable while playing. Taylor offers guitars in multiple sizes to fit every player, such as the Baby, which is 75 per cent of the size of a regular guitar. This works well for smaller players and offers the same rich sound and tone as larger instruments. The Big Baby is not quite a full guitar, and the GS Mini is a small version of the brands popular Grand Symphony guitar. Taylors other guitars are full-sized.

Guitar String Configurations

Choosing a guitar sometimes depends on the string configuration, which makes a difference when it comes to how you play and the type of music you play. The difference between a six-string guitar and a 12-string instrument is simply the fact that the 12-string offers more octave choices, though most professionals use a six-string model. Some of Taylors popular six-string guitars include the 814ce, 412e-R, 416ce, the 324 and the GS Mini. Some well-known 12-string offerings include the 656ce, K66ce and the 360e.

Guitar Materials

Taylor uses durable and high-quality materials when it constructs its acoustic guitars. In most guitars, distinct types of wood are used for both the body and the top of the instrument, so you can decide which kind of wood you prefer for each portion of the guitar. Some options for the guitars body include Indian rosewood, maple, tropical mahogany, sapele, layered koa, Macassar ebony and Tasmanian blackwood. Some choices for the top of the guitar include Sitka spruce, Hawaiian koa, Western red cedar, Lutz spruce and tropical mahogany. Taylor chooses wood based on durability, aesthetics and the sound quality produced by each wood type.

Guitar Types

Customise your guitar to your liking even more by selecting a straight acoustic guitar or one of Taylors reputable acoustic/electric guitars. The difference between the two is that acoustic electric guitars (also called hybrid guitars) offer the sounds of an acoustic guitar coupled with the ability to amplify the instrument to create electric sounds. This versatility essentially gives you two instruments in one.

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