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From its humble beginnings in 1974, Taylor has become the largest manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the United States. They're a favourite of musicians around the world because of their clear, rich sound, which is a result of the superior materials such as rose and ebony wood used in their design.

Each guitar in its acoustic collection features a unique combination of woods, giving each one its own distinct personality. The 200 series have a classic look and sound. The 300 series, a combination of spruce and mahogany produces a warmer sound. The 322 12 fret has a stronger voice and a broader musical range. Either way, all of these guitars produce the clearest sounds on the market. 

And because every guitar you buy is made from only the finest exotic wood, Taylor is giving back to the community that provides it with its 'Ebony Project', an enterprise that aims to replant the precious woods used in the creation of the guitars. So when you buy a Taylor, you're also supporting a local African community. This is just another reason to make your next guitar purchase a Taylor.

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