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TaylorMade Driver Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Driver Clubs

The sport of golf is an enjoyable one, and it certainly doesnt go without the need for equipment in order to play. If youre first starting out, there are a few things you can skip over for now, but when it comes to your driver, you want a comfortable, personalised fit, as this is one of the most important clubs youll ever own. One of the most renowned companies in the sport of golf, TaylorMade golf clubs are well-known for their strong and sturdy construction. As the company has been in business for decades, there are wealth of driver choices to choose from as you begin to perfect your game.

How Do I Select a Driver?

As you begin to select a TaylorMade driver, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if youre a golf novice or its your first time buying a driver.

  • Your skill level: Your driver needs will change over time, simply put. Make sure you opt for a driver for a novice/beginner skill level if thats your skill set, or an intermediate type if you have more experience.
  • Head size: This is probably something you will figure out as you go along, so its best to test a few drivers out before selecting head size. Generally speaking, a larger head increases momentum and lift, while a smaller head has a larger sweet spot, which is a good choice if youre at a beginner skill level.
  • The driver shape: Not all driver heads are shaped the same. Square heads are an older design, while more modern drivers feature a round club face. Square heads are good choices for beginners, minimising small errors and mistakes. Rounder shapes are good choices for more intermediate players. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, they can also add more spin.

What Are Popular TaylorMade Driver Models?

When it comes to actual driver models, perhaps the most common and popular of all of the TaylorMade series clubs is the M series.

  • TaylorMade M1 and TaylorMade M2 series: These models are older, but that doesnt make them any less useful or less accurate. With choices for both men and women, look for square- and round-shaped clubs, available in different lengths, constructions and types.
  • TaylorMade M3 and TaylorMade M4 series: As of 2018, these are the latest editions in TaylorMades popular M series. With new features such as a twist face and hammerhead slot, there are several models available for men, women and for different skill levels.

What Are Features Unique to TaylorMade?

Most golf clubs made by well-known companies are efficient enough to play a few holes. But, there are a few reasons and features that set TaylorMade apart from its competitors.

  • Newer models of drivers have a multi-curved face design, which offers a consistent curve throughout the swing. (Note: TaylorMade calls this feature “Twist Face”).
  • TaylorMade has used data from both right- and left-handed players to make drivers that are equally adept for both types of players. The company also features unisex clubs built for either men or women.
  • A wide slot on the drivers (known as “Hammerhead”) increases the area of the face, which is a definite plus for new players.