Time for tea infusers

Brewed tea is the perfect way for many people to start the day, and the right tea infuser can provide the perfect strength. Tea infusers come in a variety of sizes and materials, all suited to different types of loose leaf, herbal and spice infusion tea. Traditional stainless steel infusers are now joined by heart shapes, little houses and even mini teapot infusers. 

Loose leaf tea

Fine mesh infusers are perfect for delicate loose leaf tea, which might otherwise come out of a larger mesh strainer. Small ball infusers with handles are ideal for individually brewing a single cup of tea. For more than one cup, or to make drinks for more people, a teapot with an integrated infuser built in can brew a larger volume of tea in one go. These pots separate the leaves from the tea so there's no need for a separate tea strainer when pouring the tea. 

Spice infusions

Fruit, herbal and spice infusions are popular with tea drinkers who like to make their own brew. A silicone tea infuser is a flexible way to make a large mug of infused tea, and are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Extra large tea infusers are perfect for use in a bowl or in a saucepan to make a large batch of infused tea in one brewing. Fresh fruit and spices can be sliced and placed directly into the infuser, alongside tea leaves if necessary. 

Novelty tea strainers

Tea infusers come not only in different sizes but a range of shapes and designs too. Silicone Fred infusers are available in every colour and design, including red, blue and green as aa well as animal and even little people designs. Little strainers on chains look particularly apt floating in a glass mug, as do fun little silicone dogs resting with their arms over the edge of the cup, brightening up every cuppa.