Tea Makers for Everyone, Everywhere

Think of a teapot, and you might well visualise the sort of metal or ceramic multi-cup pot that your parents or grandparents used decades ago. However, the world of tea and tea makers has evolved greatly over the last decade, and there are a bewildering number of options available to you. For example, you can buy tea cups with in-built tea infusers that allow you to dispense with teapots altogether or express drip-style tea makers that you place on top of your serving flask.

Many more traditionally shaped 'tea pots' are made from glass, to let you see when your brew has reached optimum strength, and often include infuser mesh to keep tea leaves from ending up in your cup. Whatever it is you're after, they're all available here on eBay.

Electric tea makers

These handy devices are like kettles with tea infusers, or drip coffee machines – but for loose leaf tea. They're all in one, which makes them perfect for dedicated tea fans. Most are designed to keep your tea at the optimal temperature for steeping and drinking, so that you don't have to worry about the rest of the pot going cold.

Tea for company

Infuser teapots are similar to the teapots you might have grown up with, but these have some modern advantages. For a start, they're typically designed with a removable infuser attachment. This means that you can steep your tea until it reaches the ideal strength, then remove the infuser to keep it from continuing to steep. You get tea that is perfectly flavoured to the last drop, without worrying about it turning bitter.

Tea for one

If you're a solo tea drinker, there are lots of options for you. If you don't think you'll be drinking a pot worth of tea in one sitting, you can buy a tea ball instead. These fit inside a single teacup or mug, and fit enough tea within them to make a strong or weak brew, as you prefer.