Tea & Whistling Kettles

Whistling Tea Kettles

Many whistling tea kettles are available in stainless steel and enamel designs. Some must be heated on a stovetop, while others use electricity. With some well known brands such as Breville, Chasseur, Kambrook and Sunbeam, you are sure to find the perfect kettle.


If you’re intending to buy a whistling tea kettle, the features available can vary to a large extent. Tea kettles come in different sizes and capacities. Kettles that hold 1.5L will provide water for a small group, while a 10L urn can serve 40 cups. Differing sizes will consume different amounts of power.


Most modern tea kettles have a concealed element. The material of the base, whether wood, metal or plastic, can differ by model. Some electric tea kettles are cordless and fit into a base that plugs into an outlet. Most models with cords have cord storage around the base of the tea kettle. Illuminated on/off switches are a common feature that give an elegant look and increase visibility of temperature buttons for tea kettles that offer different temperatures. On some tea kettles, the water gauge is also illuminated. Water level windows make it easier to judge how much water is in the tea kettle. Often, a minimum and maximum water level guide is indicated, so that your tea kettle doesn’t burn if there’s too little water or not have enough power to heat it if there’s too much water. Many tea kettles have a fail safe cut-out to protect consumers from accidents.


When it comes to cleaning your tea kettle, it’s important to know the material it’s made from. For example, metal tea kettles often have a removable limescale filters. Descalers can be purchased to clean particularly bad stains and accumulated deposits from tea kettles. For daily cleaning, use soap and warm water to maintain your whistling tea kettle.